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Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator

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Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator

Please note, when purchasing the TR160S with a blue frame, the colour of the profile pieces received with the wheel mount will be black, not blue. Renders are for demonstration only.

Extremely Rigid Construction and Unique Wide Body
Trak Racer TR One Wheel Mount Compatible
Includes seat slider rails and more
Thicker-walled aluminium profile
Heavier duty brackets with side-mounted wheel uprights for rigidity
Over 30 add-on accessories to select from
Flight Simulator Expandable

Designed and engineered in Australia

Trak Racer are proud partners of Alpine F1 team and Airbus Aircraft

Trak Racer TR160S professional, motion-ready racing cockpit

The TR160S by Trak Racer, a standout in the racing simulator market, combines innovation and robustness. Its 'wide-body' design and curved aluminum frame make it a top choice for racing sim enthusiasts. With thicker walls than competitors, heavy-duty brackets, and a well-engineered chassis, it offers exceptional rigidity, especially in the wheel mount area. Highly adjustable and compatible with numerous accessories, the TR160S racing cockpit is developed from extensive customer feedback, embodying Trak Racer's commitment to delivering an unrivaled racing sim experience.

This is the Alpine F1 Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator showcasing the race car with a rider in it.

A race is won at the track, but a championship is won at the factory!

Trak Racer, a pioneer in building racing cockpits since 2008, became the Official and Trusted Simulator Supplier to Alpine F1. Trak Racer simulators are used by Alpine F1 Team and Alpine Academy drivers like Esteban Ocon, Victor Martins (Formula 3) and Caio Collet (Formula 3). Trak Racer is the official Simulator Supplier of Alpine F1 Team and Airbus Aircraft.

Trak Racer is the Official Simulator Supplier of Alpine F1 Team and Airbus Aircraft.

Choose Your Configuration

By gathering feedback from the RS6 MK2 we have released the updated MK3 which the following improvements and improvements to packaging to ensure the item reaches you as it should.

Bring your own seat

Add Genuine Trak Racer Seat Brackets to your frame for a Side-Mounted Bucket Seat or office chairs / vehicle-style recline seat.

This is the standard Speciale Black Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator seat.

Add a Trak Racer seat

Since 2008 we have learnt a lot about Sim Racer comfort, particularly for endurance. We present you with a range of Premium, Sim Racing-specific seating options.

Add a monitor stand

The TR160 MK4 is rigid and ready for either an Integrated Monitor Stand or of course, a freestanding Monitor Stand. Get full immersion with a Genuine Trak Racer monitor stand.

This is the freestanding Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator monitor stand with an example of quadruple monitors attached.

Trak Racer TR160S Improvements

Option 1 & 2 Pedal Mount

TR One Pedal Plate or Profile Mount

The TR160S has been improved to withstand hundreds of kilograms in braking force without flex. Select between a pre-drilled mounting plate or extruded aluminum profile with heel plate; suitable for more new pedal sets on the market. The pre-drilled pedal plate also features a fine-tuned slide function - so you can get those pedals exactly where you need them!

Option 3 Pedal Mount

Strengthened Hybrid Pedal Plate

If you want the option to quickly adjust the pedals between GT (low), Formula (high), or inverted (upside down), this is the pedal mounting choice for you! Made to the high standard that you would expect from Trak Racer, and pre-drilled for all the major brands of pedals.

TR One Wheel Mount – the new benchmark in sim racing

The TR One Wheel System is a Future Proof Wheel Mounting System that allows you to upgrade by replacing only a part of the mount depending on what wheelbase you mount. Fully Adjustable and ready for anything you want to add to it.

Rigid & Adjustable Wheel Plate

Select the Trak Racer Wheel Plate to suit most belt-drive and direct-drive wheels on the market. It’s fully adjustable and won’t cause any flexing issues; no matter how much torque you want to punish it with!

Optional TR One Expendable Shifter Mount

The TR Gen 2 shifter mount has been strengthened by completely over-hauling the design and increasing the thickness of the mount – it also has a fine-tune slide adjustment!

TR has even created new mounts for other peripherals including handbrake and flight sim mounts that will add directly onto the side of the plate, or of course to any 8mm aluminum profile.

Dual-lock Seat Slider Kit included

The TR Premium seat slider runner kit will give you quick adjustments of the seat position and lock you in with the least amount of play.

This is a sample rig of Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator with Dual-lock Seat Slider Kit.

Full gaming immersion optional!

Trak Racer offers options for free standing, and integrated display stands for One, Two, Three and Four monitors. Get that immersive experience with the highest quality monitor stands available that have an enormous adjustment range and will stand the test of time.

Want us to build your rig? We also offer pre-built sims configured and delivered to your door!

We eliminate the hassle of assembling complex racing setups by offering fully built simulators. Contact us about our ready-to-race simulators and enjoy the convenience of receiving a ready-to-use racing cockpit.

This is a sample pre-built rig of the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator with a Speciale Black/Red seat attached and a freestanding triple monitor stand with 3 monitors attached.

TR Motion is coming, are you ready? Simulate almost any aircraft or car & track with ease

The Trak Racer TR160S racing simulator elevates the gaming experience with its motion-ready design, perfect for enthusiasts seeking an immersive racing sim experience.

For those looking to upgrade their racing cockpit, Trak Racer offers assistance in selecting the best-performing and cost-effective motion systems, ensuring that the whole frame, not just the seat, moves dynamically.

Key features of the TR160S include:

The TR160S is endorsed by professionals, adding credibility to its performance.Official Simulator of the Alpine F1 Team:

Robust Construction:Heavier duty brackets enhance rigidity, crucial for the wheel uprights, a testament to Trak Racer's expertise since 2008.

Versatile and Customizable:The base is made of 160 × 40mm high-end aluminum T-Slot extruded profile, anodized in black, supporting various wheel mounts. The TR160S accommodates the strongest Direct Drive Force Feedback systems and is Belt Drive Wheel Ready.

Compatibility and Customization:Pre-drilled for all popular steering wheels, pedals, and shifters, it comes with various wheel mount options, pedal deck, and shifter mount choices.

Expansive Accessory Range:Trak Racer's accessory line includes over 30 add-ons, such as speaker mounts and monitor stands, showcasing constant development and innovation.

The TR160S racing cockpit's structure is wide, long, and low to the ground, with hardwood rubber floor protectors and an anodized finish. The adjustable pedal mount features a unique bracket design for optimal positioning and is compatible with major brand pedals.

The TR One Wheel Mounting System adds further flexibility, allowing for easy adjustments and fine-tuning of the wheel position. The package includes various mounts, rubber feet, cable ties, dust strips, assembly tools, and premium seat slider rails.

What's Included:

  • Wheel Mount –Select from a TR One or Standard Wheel Plate
  • Pedal Mount – Select from Pre-Drilled Plate, Extrusion with Heel Plate or Hybrid Pedal System
  • Rubber Feet to protect floors
  • Set of 10 Cable Ties
  • Colored Dust Strips
  • All Mounting Screws, Brackets and Fixtures included
  • Assembly Tool Kit Included
  • Premium Seat Slider Rails
  • Optional Universal Gen 2 Shifter Mount and Over-sized Shifter Support

Trak Racer, since 2008, has been a favorite in professional and gaming circles, partnering with notable brands like Alpine F1, Airbus, and Xbox. The company invites partnerships, offering top-tier racing simulators and flight simulators, renowned for their quality and immersive experience.

Product Dimension

Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator Product dimensions
Optional Extras

See more in accessories!

These are the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator Caster Wheels with Brake & Mounting Brackets.

Caster Wheels with Brake & Mounting Brackets

These are the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator Stabilizing Feet and Floor Protectors.

Stabilizing Feet and Floor Protectors

This is the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator Universal Bass Shaker/Tactile Rig Mount.

Universal Bass Shaker/Tactile Rig Mount

This is a sample of a Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator monitor stand.

Monitor Stands

This is the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator black-colored Keyboard Mount.

Keyboard Mounts

This is the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator black-colored computer shelf.

Computer Shelf

This is the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator TR Bass Shaker Kit.

TR Bass Shaker Kit

These are the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator pedals.

TR Pedals

This is the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator Sequential Shifter.

TR Sequential Shifter

This is the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator Handbrake.

TR Handbrake

This is the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator Formula Wheel.

TR Formula Wheel

This is the Trak Racer TR160S Racing Simulator GT Wheel.

TR GT Wheel

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